Roma legend Totti is clearly unimpressed that Higuain's heading to Juventus

Totti has remained loyal to his own club for his entire career

Francesco Totti, Roma,

Roma's Francesco Totti enters the pitch prior to a Serie A soccer match between Juventus and Roma at the Juventus stadium, in Turin, Italy, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Massimo Pinca)

When it comes to club loyalty, few footballers can match Francesco Totti.

The Italy World Cup winner has played for Roma for the entirety of a career that's into its third decade and is 99% likely to retire there. 

The 39-year-old Roman has had plenty of opportunities to depart the Stadio Olimpico but has remained steadfastly loyal.

But he doesn't seem to understand the motivations of players with different mindsets as his response to Gonzalo Higuain's €90 million switch from Napoli to a dominant Juventus suggests.

He told Gazzetta dell Sport: "Modern players are a bit like nomads. They are following the money, not their heart. Not many athletes follow their heart. They decide to move elsewhere to win trophies and to earn more money.

"Football has changed a lot, it is all about money now. Players change teams all the time, to make a bit more money elsewhere. It's more about money than about passion.

"People go to the stadiums to enjoy themselves and to see players in action who will always be with their team. They expect not to be betrayed.

"Just look at what happened with Higuain, leaving Napoli for Juventus. It's a disaster.

"But it is apparently quite normal for a foreign player these days to just leave for another team where they can make more money. It's a mentality problem."