Ronnie O'Sullivan explains bizarre robotic voice interview

He explains why he put on the voice in his ITV interview

Ronnie O'Sullivan, snooker

Ronnie O'Sullivan during his match against Joe Perry during day eight of the Dafabet Masters at Alexandra Palace, London. Picture by John Walton PA Wire/PA Images

Ronnie O'Sullivan says he will not be participating in any more in-depth interviews or press conferences.

The seven time champion of snooker's Masters outlined his thoughts in a blog post on Eurosport.

The Englishman recently criticised a referee and a press photographer at the recent Masters tournament and ended up receiving a "disciplinary letter" from World Snooker.

That has prompted him to take action as he wrote in his blog.

"I will no longer be talking in depth in press conferences or interviews because when I share my thoughts, I risk being fined. If I get fined for it then I will no longer be prepared to perform all the contractual obligations we are asked to do for World Snooker.

"For some reason, I appear to get fined more than all the fines the other players get for similar offences."

O'Sullivan gave a bizarre interview with ITV in which he put on a robotic voice when answering questions from Neal Foulds.

Initially he gave very short answers before drifting into a robotic voice as he said the following: "Yes, it resonates very much for me when I come here to the Preston Guild Hall, it has many good memories," he said.

"I am very happy with my game, I hope I can keep playing very well to the end of the season. Thank you very much, Neal."