Ronnie O'Sullivan passes up 147 break chance because prize money was "too cheap"

Five time world champion says he wouldn't have passed it up if there was more prize money on offer

Ronnie O'Sullivan claims he passed up the chance of a 147 break at the Welsh Open because the £10,000 prize money on offer is, in his words, "too cheap".

The five-time world champion was on course for a maximum in the final frame of his first round match against Barry Pinches.

He had potted 14 reds and 13 blacks but rather than taking on a black he went for the pink, and ended the break on 146.

"I knew it was £10,000. If it had been more, I'd have gone for the 147," he admitted to BBC Sport.

"I could have done it, but I didn't think the prize was worthy of a 147. So I've tried to let it build up until it's worthy and then go for it," he said.

"It's like going into a Mercedes garage and when they say that you can have the car for £3,000, you reply, 'No way, that's too cheap. I'm not buying it for that'.

"Certain things have value, and a 147 is a special moment. I want it to feel special all round.