Rory McIlroy brands "unfair" criticism of his gym routine as one of his "pet peeves"

He feels that has not been his main Achilles heel of late

Rory McIlroy says he is fed up with people having a go at his gym routine.

The Northern Irishman won his first tournament on the PGA Tour in over a year with victory at the Deutsche Bank Open near Boston.

That has seen him rise to No 3 in golf's world rankings.

"I don't know if any criticism is unfair," he told Sky Sports News.

"I think when people make judgements or criticisms without being educated on the subject that they're criticising, I think that's like for me getting in the gym, for example, that's my pet peeve. Someone that says to me you're in the gym too much.

"The reason I play at such a high level, and hopefully will continue to play at a high level for the next 10 to 15 years, is because of the work I do in the gym. If I wasn't in the gym, I wouldn't be sitting here today. It's a big part of who I am, it's a big part of my success. That's always I feel an unfair criticism.

"But with my game, the critics and the analysts and everyone that are out there, they're educated about golf, so they for the most part know what they're talking about.

"A criticism of my golf game, I take it, and I know what I need to work on and sometimes those people point out the obvious but, I would say that's the most unfair criticism I receive, is what I do at the gym."

He says people still tell him he's spending too much time working out, which he says is not true.

McIlroy also added that he has improved another part of his game to secure the win.

"Obviously my putting has been my Achilles heel of my game this year and I tweaked a tiny bit on the putting green on Saturday morning and I saw some putts go in and got some confidence from that," he said.