Rory McIlroy knows who he wants to see at the helm of Manchester United next season

The 27-year-old says the team have looked flat under Louis van Gaal

Manchester United will be hoping to see out another disappointing season with success in the FA Cup, but already the vultures have begun to circle around Louis van Gaal.

Many fans want to see a change at the helm, despite the Dutchman still having a year left on his remaining deal.

Speaking on tonight's Off The Ball, Rory McIlroy had his say on United's dismal performances and offered his alternative to who should take over from next season.

"Honestly, I'd like to see Jose Mourinho in there," he said, "I'd like to see him come in and give the team a bit of a spark. I feel since van Gaal has been in it's just been so flat and that's why I've jumped on the bandwagon and enjoyed Leicester City so much this season."

Leicester's story, he says, is something that the traditional bigger teams can learn from next season.

"They've shown that it's not just about putting £200,000 worth of players into a team, there's more to it than that. Leicester have shown that, it's been such a good story to follow over the course of the season."