WATCH: Rory McIlroy on Off the Ball - "You have to enjoy your wins"

Europe's best golfer was on Off The Ball as he prepares for 2016

WATCH: Rory McIlroy on Off the Ball - "You have to enjoy your wins"

Rory McIlroy chats to Off the Ball Image: Newstalk

Rory McIlroy was awarded his third European Player of the Year award in four seasons recently and he spoke to Newstalk's Off the Ball today about how, despite not taking a major title in 2015, he's still looking back on the year as "a good year, not a great year."

The World number three ranked golfer sat down with Nathan Murphy for Off The Ball and discussed enjoying his wins, the rise of Jordan Spieth, his ankle injury and his goals heading into 2016.

McIlroy believes that Spieth is a particularly impressive person given his mental capacity at such a young age.

The Down native says, "He’s such a great thinker and he manages himself so well and I think that’s the thing that’s most impressive which people can’t see on TV."

McIlroy, who appreciates the fact that he is an emotional golfer, says "I had nowhere near the mental capacity at 22 as he does and I've learned as the years have went on and I've had to overcome some obstacles to learn."

He continued, "he just seems to have that little mental edge." 

WATCH: Rory McIlroy on Off the Ball

McIlroy also says he has certainly improved at the grinding out of results and adjusting to his mental state, "I’ve definitely gotten better at sticking at it and grinding it out and turning that 75 or 76 into a 70 and just not shooting my way out of a tournament."

Having missed a good chunk of the year because of an ankle injury sustained playing football with his mates, McIlroy understand the importance of staying out of harms way in order to give himself the best chance to cement his legacy in the sport, "It was really disappointing, miss the Open at St. Andrew’s, I had been waiting for it for five years and then not being able to have the chance to play at it and to compete was tough."

He continued, "I've no problem putting a pair of football boots on and running around. I can do other things to enjoy myself during the middle of the season and not put myself at risk."

McIlroy, who has "obvious goals" of winning several tournament, also wants to improve some things in 2016 such as his "lifestyle, fitness, eating better or trying to cut things out at tournaments."