'Roy of the Rovers' editor says story of Leicester's title win would be too far-fetched for the comic

The phrase "Roy of the Rovers' stuff" might need to be retired...

Barrie Tomlinson, who worked on the famous Roy of the Rovers comic for 30 years, believes that Leicester City's fairytale story would have been deemed "too daft" to make the cut. 

Speaking to Adrian Chiles on BBC Radio 5 Live, Tomlinson said that Leicester City's league win was "like reading a script out of Roy of the Rovers. Having said that, I think if an author had submitted a script to me setting out Leicester City's achievements, I might have rejected saying it was too far-fetched." 

He added that he thought the readers would have written in to say that it was "daft" and it would never happen in real life. 

Tomlinson added that while many have highlighted that Jamie Vardy has a real Roy of the Rovers story, he stated that "I think Leicester have got 11 'Roy of the Rovers' playing for them, which is why they're getting those good results."