Keith Wood lauds Jordan Larmour

He scored a 'Try of the Season' contender at Thomond Park on Tuesday

BY Simon Maguire 20:46 Wednesday 27 December 2017, 20:46 27 Dec 2017

Leinster's Jordan Larmour scores a try despite Simon Zebo of Munster. Image: ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Former Ireland captain Keith Wood joined Dave McIntyre on Off the Ball for Wednesday Night Rugby, with the big talking point being Leinster's impressive 34-24 win against Munster at Thomond Park on Tuesday. 

"People say that those games are just a way of getting people together again," Wood told McIntyre, "but that was a full-blooded contest. A fantastic performance with Leinster winning away."

The former Lion was particularly impressed with Jordan Larmour, saying: "He has a step which is pretty good and I'm often a little bit slow to talk up young guys - you want them to do very well, and they're also going to make mistakes, so you don't want to build them up too much - but he's got gas.

"He doesn't seem to slow down when he's having a side-step or a jink, he seems to continue his pace, which is very impressive. 

"He knew what he wanted to do, he saw the gap, it was a tiring defence that had worked really, really hard during the game, there were a couple of gaps, and he took them," he added.

Looking back on the game itself, Wood believed the scoreline was an accurate reflection of what transpired. "I would have said ten points was about right, because of the manner in which Munster came back in the second half. 

"Look, too much turkey on Christmas day, whatever it was - Munster didn't start right. Their level of intensity and performance wasn't up to scratch. You can actually see a little bit of a difference in how Leinster are able to change a lot of their players and still have an incredibly strong team. 

"Munster, the key players for Munster yesterday were the players that have played for the last few weeks for Munster in all those big huge games and for Ireland beforehand and they haven't had a rest. No excuse in that - I think it shows the difference in the strength and depth between Leinster and Munster."

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