Rumours abounding that the Predator mania football boots are due to be re-released

Do we dare to dream?

David Beckham made the boots famous during the 2002 World Cup

Rui Vieira PA Archive/PA Images

The early to mid-2000's was a glorious period for those with a preference for the predator mania boots.

The tongue was perfectly shaped to fit around the boot, the stripes were equally well designed and the colour combinations completed the image.

Added to all those traits was the comfortable fit of the boots which made them the most popular choice of footwear for football, hurling or soccer players.

But as the predator mania model evolved over the years, the quality went into gradual decline. And as the luminous boots took over the shelves, the classic boots became a rare item to see with the last remaining ones retailing on Ebay for somewhere north of €200.

But there are rumblings of Adidas making a return to the originals and anyone who remembers them will be very excited to hear this.