Russian Sports Ministry claims there is no state-sponsored doping network

A report from WADA on Friday said Russia had corrupted the Olympics on an unprecedented scale

BY Adrian Collins 15:03 Friday 9 December 2016, 15:03 9 Dec 2016

Picture by: David Davies / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Russian Sports Ministry has stated that there is no state-sponsored network of doping in the country, and that they would rigorously investigate the fall out of the latest report from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)

The move comes in response to a major report publish by the WADA in which they stated that the Russian Olympic team corrupted the London 2012 Games on an "unprecedented scale", with more than 1,000 athletes in 30 summer and winter Olympic and Paralympic sports benefiting from what was described as a "systematic doping cover-up".

The WADA investigation states that positive tests were concealed at the London Games, the Sochi Winter Olympics, and the 2013 World Athletics Championships, while the head of the investigation Professor Richard McClaren said "the full extent of [the doping program] will probably never be established. The desire to win medals superseded their collective moral and ethical compass and Olympic values of fair play."

In a statement on Friday in the wake of the report, the Russian Sports Ministry said the allegations in the report were false, and that they would thoroughly examine the evidence provided.

They added that they were eager to work with anti-doping bodies around the world in the light of the report, but denied that they had concealed athletes' tests or that there was a state-sponsored doping system in operation in Russia. 

"Russia’s Sports Ministry says with all responsibility that there is no state-run program promoting doping in sport," the statement read, adding that they will “fight doping with a zero-tolerance policy."

According to RT, the head of Russia’s Independent Public Anti-Doping Commission, Vitaly Smirnov, said the report was "outdated".

"Personally, I am convinced there is no system of manipulations and violations organized or supported by the government, and there cannot be one," Smirnov said. "It goes against everything that is being done here."


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