Ryan Giggs in no hurry to assume managerial role after leaving Manchester United

The 42-year-old says he has been offered work that he was not keen to take up

Ryan Giggs says he is in no massive hurry to get back into management but admits he doesn't want to leave it too long before he gets back in the dugout.

The former Manchester United player, assistant manager and interim manager says he has been offered "little bits" of jobs but nothing concrete enough to consider leaving the media work he is currently doing.

"Obviously, I want to be a manager. Ever since I left school, I've been at United so this is the first time in 25-26 years where I have gone into a pre-season not going to work.

"I have been keeping myself busy coming here and doing some media work and I am quite happy and relaxed.

"It is similar to when I finished playing, there was a disappointment but also I was relieved on my body for what I had done for 25 years. So, there is a little bit of relief so I can step back and if the right offer comes, I will jump on it. I am not in any rush, but at the same time I don't want to leave it too long."

While Giggs suggests he is in no hurry, he also says he doesn't know what might happen in the next four or five months.

He says, "I didn't know that I was leaving United and it is a short window and most clubs have got their managers more or less and they want to work with them pre-season. Unfortunately, managerial jobs can be very short, who knows what happens in the next four or five months."