Sean Cavanagh: Tyrone football team are "very well resourced"

The Tyrone captain released a statement on Tuesday afternoon

Sean Cavanagh

Image: ©INPHO/Lorraine O'Sullivan

Tyrone senior football captain Sean Cavanagh says that the team are "very well resourced", despite an email last week to this station claiming that players within the team were asked for a £15 contribution towards sports equipment.

"She [Tyrone chairwoman, Roisin Jordan] is insisting that we contribute towards it despite the fact that the county has made a surplus on the accounts for some time," reads an email under the subject heading 'Disgusted Tyrone Senior Footballer' which was received by Off The Ball

In a statement today circulated by the Tyrone PRO, Cavanagh acknowledges some "issues of a minor nature" are present but that these matters are "being addressed".

The statement reads: "On behalf of the Tyrone senior football squad (2017), I wish to make it known that we are very well resourced by the County Board, Club Tyrone and our other sponsors and brand partners.

"Yes, there were some issues of a minor nature but these matters are being addressed. We are most grateful for the continued support of the County Board, Club Tyrone and our other generous sponsors.

"Sean Cavanagh, Tyrone Senior Football captain."

Earlier this month, Cavanagh told The Irish News' Paul Keane: "I suppose as a player group, we don't probably see ourselves as that high maintenance. It's like anything, I think everyone looks at Dublin and raises an eyebrow when you see them with their cars and whatever else. At times you do feel that."

Adding that players sometimes pay for some things themselves he said: "But the guys are equally willing, if the county's not spending it on us, the guys will spend on themselves. They don't really cause that much of a fuss about it."

An Irish Independent article two weeks ago itemised the spending in euro of inter-county teams in 2016, and listed Tyrone as number 25 on the list with outgoings of €484,127.

Ms. Jordan responded to this station on last Friday afternoon regarding the concerns brought forward.

"Within Tyrone GAA we avail of regular meetings between Executive officers, team management, and players liaison officers," she said in a statement.

"It is at such meetings that we discuss a range of issues involving games, administration and finances. I welcome such a forum to allow for an exchange of views, so that each can explain and understand any constraints which may apply.

"In terms of finance, Tyrone are highly fortunate to have generous backers in the form of corporate sponsors and Club Tyrone. It is incumbent upon Tyrone GAA to ensure their investment is properly applied to GAA purposes. Any major decisions involving funding, or curbing expenditure, will ultimately be decisions for Tyrone County Committee and not individuals, nor private emails exchanged between individuals.

"Let there be no doubt that everyone within Tyrone GAA are fully behind Mickey Harte and his County team."