Seanie McGrath on Tony Kelly: He's a different level

Cork and Clare meet in the Munster Hurling final this weekend

Seanie McGrath on Tony Kelly: He's a different level

Clare's Tony Kelly. Image: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Former Cork hurler Seanie McGrath has identified Clare's Tony Kelly as the danger man when the two sides meet in this weekend's Munster final.

McGrath joined Oisin Langan and Shane Stapleton on Off the Ball's GAA Podcast to look forward to the match. 

"I suppose you plan based on history and based on the records. Cork will be under no illusions about Tony Kelly and what he can do - what he's done at club and inter-county level, he said.

"This fella's won 'new hurler' and 'hurler of the year' in the one year. That's a different level, that's a different bracket. So, Cork are under no illusions that his form might have dipped but that this fella is an exceptional talent.

Clare's Shane O'Donnell scores his second goal. Image: ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

"And then you mention other fellas like Podge (Collins) and Shane O'Donnell and Conor McGrath. I suppose what's key, is not necessarily the game plan but the match-ups. The match-ups are huge. If you have a fella that will go toe-to-toe and take a fella on without any fear - say like if Spillane may pick up Conor McGrath, maybe Mackie will pick up Podge Collins...I think Kieran (Kingston) is going to say to those lads: 'you've a job to do lads and you just don't let up until the 70th minute.'

"I think Kieran is just going to try and instill that in the defenders that if you're marking one of their marque players - just focus on your own game, focus on what you're good at but I think that will go right across the field as well. 

"What Kieran has done this year is instill a ferocious work-rate in the forward line as well," he added. 

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