Serena Williams named Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year

And what a year it has been for her...

Despite battling slight injuries and a touch of the flu during a French Open final, Serena Williams went on to continue her impressive winning streak in 2015.

Now on top of winning three major titles this year, taking her total to 21 Grand Slams, Williams has been named as the Sports Illustrated Sportspeson of the Year, much to the delight of her legions of adoring fans and sports personalities who have been tweeting their support.

Williams posted the photo of the cover page of the magazine on Instagram, along with a post saying: "This year was spectacular for me. For @SportsIllustrated to recognize my hard work, my dedication, and my sheer determination gives me hope to continue on and do better. As I always say, it takes a village it's not just one person. This is not just an accomplishment for me, but for my whole team. I am beyond honored. I love you guys! 2016? #letsdoit."