Should the World Cup be expanded to 48 teams?

Philippe Auclair spoke to Off the Ball

BY Simon Maguire 22:19 Wednesday 7 December 2016, 22:19 7 Dec 2016

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Philippe Auclair joined Off the Ball tonight to discuss the possibility of a 48 team World Cup which he described as "just ridiculous". 

Speaking about the suggestion he said: It's all very fluid at the moment, just leaks and ideas floating about. At the moment, the stakeholders, that's the FA's, the clubs will have something to say about that too. Because obviously if you have a World Cup with 48 teams, you extend the length of the tournament unless you have some sort of dramatic new structure."

"At the moment though, it's still just a proposal or a decision by Gianni Infantino which will have to be debated and voted on in January."

"In terms of sport, there is absolutely no reason, to make a competition which already is nothing like the competition it used to be, in terms of level of football."  

"If you have 48 teams, you have one quarter of all the FAs in the world of all nations represented in the final tournament which is completely absurd. But there you go, that's Gianni Infantino for you."

"All in all, it's a crazy plan...I have to tell you I don't know here to turn," he added. 

If Sepp Blatter had proposed any of the things Gianni Infantino is proposing since he's been elected - in the very little time he's been president of FIFA, I mean there would have been a riot." 

Infantino's plan is due to be presented to the FIFA council at a meeting in Zurich in January.  




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