Skibbereen rowing club show just how proud they are already of the O'Donovan Brothers

'Up Skib...'

Gary O'Donovan, Paul O'Donovan, Ireland,

Image: ©INPHO/James Crombie

The people of Skibbereen can consider themselves well and truly on the Olympic map after the now famous interview from the O'Donovan brothers following their strong performance in Rio earlier this week. 

They displayed an Irish sense of humour about the troubling weather conditions and choppy waters, and went full on Cork as they explained that they wouldn't be fazed by that, sure it was only a bit of craic. 

Their rowing club back home has also been displaying a similarly quick wit and sense of humour over the past couple of days on their Facebook page, as they get themselves fully behind the efforts of Gary and Paul. 

From photoshopped images to tribute videos, the club and their home town couldn't be prouder of the two brothers, who have become somewhat of an internet sensation after their interview was shared far and wide.

The boys will be back in action on Thursday afternoon, weather permitting, and you can follow all the action from the Irish athletes on our Olympics liveblog.

As the European champions, there are high hopes for the pair as they tackle the semi-final around lunchtime (Irish time) in Rio.

In case you're wondering where the best craic is likely to be to watch the lads, it's going to be at their local Credit Union, judging by this photo.