Gary Breen on Troy Deeney: "He has echoed a lot of the thoughts of Arsenal supporters themselves"

Watford beat Arsenal 2-1 last weekend

BY Simon Maguire 20:08 Saturday 21 October 2017, 20:08 21 Oct 2017

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Former Republic of Ireland international Gary Breen agreed with the recent comments made by Watford striker Troy Deeney about Arsenal.

Breen joined Saturday's Off the Ball and speaking to Nathan Murphy, he said: "I don't think Troy Deeney has come out and questioned what those players have won - he's just questioning that they can't deal with the physical aspect of the game which he thrives on. 

"When I heard the comments I was a little bit, you know, you listen to Troy and I think he's aware now that if he says certain things that he'll get a lot of publicity about it. I think a lot of modern day footballers know exactly what they're saying when they speak to the media so but listen, he has echoed a lot of the thoughts of Arsenal supporters themselves.

"Don't be fooled by the fact that they think are a tougher team - they're not. And those Arsenal supporters are used to seeing, certainly in the first decade of Arsene Wenger's reign, great technically gifted players but a real physicality about them.

"The Viera's, the Keown's, the Sol Campbell's - those types of guys who when we used to line up against them, as Kev (Kilbane) will tell you, you'd be in the tunnel and they'd all be my size, they'd all be Kev's size - all six foot-plus, all could deal with the physical part of the game and certainly this new group of players that Wenger has had over the last decade since it's been a league title challenging team - they can't cope with it and everyone knows that. So, I don't think he said anything that was too shocking to anyone," he added.

Arsenal head to Everton on Sunday and the game will be live on Off the Ball at 1.30 pm. 


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