John Giles finds Carragher's remarks on friendship to be a bit "odd"

Former Liverpool player did not retain close ties with former team-mates

BY Raf Diallo 20:22 Thursday 21 December 2017, 20:22 21 Dec 2017

John Terry (left) talks to Jamie Carragher before the game against Rest of the World in 2015. Nigel French/EMPICS Sport

"People say who do you keep in touch with now that you are finished…no-one. I speak to Stevie now and again when he is at the Academy, you have the odd text message from an ex-player.

"They are not your mates, they are your team-mates. You are there to win and whether they are from Europe, South America or wherever, they are not my friends. We are here to win trophies today, next week and we can get together in 20 years times to celebrate what we've done, fantastic. I'll see you in 20 years."

That was Jamie Carragher speaking on Sky Sports recently about the fact that Steven Gerrard aside, he does not keep in contact with his former Liverpool and England team-mates.

It's very different from John Giles' experience as the Leeds and Ireland legend told us on our weekly Thursday Night Football.  

"I can only go from my own experience and we were totally opposite to that," he said of Carragher's comments.

"There was a good spirit. When Jamie was playing was when there was freedom of contract. I was with Leeds for 12 years. It wouldn't be like that today. 

"I find [Carragher's comments] odd because John Terry didn't say that, did it? Was he the opposite?

"I can only go from my own experience with the Leeds lads where I was there for 12 years and we'd be very close today. Most of us, we'd keep in touch and we were very, very close when we played together which I think is a help.

"I don't think it's a necessity but I think it's a help and we would still be close today."  

John also gave his thoughts on the criticism going Dele Alli's way as the Tottenham midfielder struggles with form and for his tackle on Kevin De Bruyne last weekend.

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