Spike O'Sullivan's coach on why he had to stop the fight against Chris Eubank Jr

Paschal Collins speaks to Off The Ball about Saturday's fight

Spike O'Sullivan

Spike O'Sullivan (Nick Potts / PA Wire/Press Association Images)

On Saturday night, Irish boxer Spike O'Sullivan's corner stopped his fight against Chris Eubank Jr seven rounds in.

The decision upset the middleweight fighter, although the Corkman admitted that the decision was correct.

On Off The Ball tonight, his coach Paschal Collins explained why the decision was made to call a halt.

"When he came back into the corner at the end of the fourth round, I asked him: 'Spike, there's something wrong. I can see it'. And he said, 'I think my eardrum is gone'. Then the fifth round, I told him I would do one round at a time, 'go out, see how you get on'. But I said, 'you have to jump at this guy and try stop him because it's not going to go in your favour if you're eardrum's gone, your balance is off,'" said Collins.

"For the fifth and sixth round, Spike did try to go out and increase the pressure. But by the seventh round, it got to the stage where Chris' corner, who are very experienced, straight away discovered there was something wrong so sent Chris out for the kill and I saw at that point to call it off and [that] there was no point in continuing."     

Collins, brother of ex-WBO middleweight champ Steve, also spoke about Andy Lee's upcoming fight against Billy Joe Saunders and also chatted about UFC featherweight title holder Conor McGregor.