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Supporters Need to Take Responsibility too

BY Paul Collins 09:25 Tuesday 17 April 2018, 9:25 17 Apr 2018

Ireland's Jonny Bruton in action against Argentina

Are we better or worse as sports fans than previous generations? Is it the same as it ever was and it just looks worse because social media now amplifies the worst of the so called 'fan'?

It's not just some crowd abroad that are at it either.

In the latest sick social media remarks, it's reported UCD Men’s Hockey made derogatory comments about Ireland ace Jonny Bruton’s weight on Instagram and made vulgar references to his wife.

The nasty posts were published by 'UCD Mens Hockey Squad ' after beating his Dublin club Corinthian 3-2.

Wheres the social media policy there? Are these people really university students? Do they not realise the damage they are causing to both mental health and the image of the institution?

Meanwhile internationally Uefa says it "strongly condemns" the abuse received by Premier League referee Michael Oliver and wife Lucy.

You might remember Oliver awarded a last-minute penalty as Real Madrid knocked Juventus out of the Champions League last week and was criticised by keeper Gianluigi Buffon and some Italian media.

Lucy Oliver - a Women's Super League referee who also officiates men's non-league football - received threatening texts after her mobile number was posted on social media following the game.

Sorry what?

UEFA says they 'trust the relevant authorities to take action against those individuals who have behaved inappropriately both on and off social media." Good luck with that.

In a dramatic end to the match at the Bernabeu in Madrid on Wednesday, Juventus captain Buffon was sent off for confronting Oliver over the 93rd-minute penalty decision.

Buffon later told media the English official had a "bag of rubbish for a heart" and defended his comments on Saturday, saying he "stands by all of it".

Following the match, Lucy Oliver's Twitter account was targeted by some supporters posting abusive messages.

This type of behaviour is completely unacceptable and those writing the messages need to be aware that they could be committing a criminal offence.

A spokesperson for Twitter confirmed that several offensive tweets reported by Lucy Oliver have been removed for violating its abuse policy.

The world is truly an awful place sometimes.

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