St. Patrick's Athletic slam the FAI as they reject the offer of €5,000

The FAI had proposed €100,000 be split between the 20 clubs

St Patricks Athletic, League of Ireland,

Image: ©INPHO/Morgan Treacy

St. Patrick's Athletic have hit out at the Football Association of Ireland as they issued a statement on Friday night stating that they would turn down the offer of €5,000 as part of a strategic plan announced at the association's AGM. 

The board issued a strong statement on Friday night outlining their reasons for turning down the offer, and they certainly did not pull any punches when it came to the role that the FAI has played in the League of Ireland over the past number of years. 

On their official website, members of the board of St. Patrick's Athletic wrote that "the board's decision acknowledges the lead given by the board of Derry City FC," after they also rejected the move earlier this week, branding the amount offered as 'disgraceful'. 

"The board of SPAFC wants its decision to serve as a clear message to the FAI that it has utterly failed in its responsibility to the domestic game," continues the statement, "and to those clubs who, in spite of its indifference, have managed to keep some semblance of professionalism within football in Ireland." 

They added that they wanted to question the timing of the move, claiming that it "was deliberately aimed at encouraging non Premier League clubs to stand with the current administrators of our league as the Premier Clubs Alliance (PCA) set about its agenda of change."

Continuing their criticism of the FAI, they wrote that board and the club are "committed to the establishment of a strong PCA which must be focused on rooting out the culture of disinterest that has prevailed throughout the FAI's management of our League for too many years.

"Offering the proverbial 'crumbs from the rich man's table' will not shift the resolve of those clubs and those individuals determined to create a properly funded and professionally managed league in Ireland."

Brian Kerr also slammed the move on Friday night as, ahead of the game between Dundalk and Galway United, he stated that the gesture was "Mickey Mouse stuff" from the association.