Six of the strangest sporting moments in 2015

From Ostrich-gate to Usain Bolt taking a spill, it was a strange year in sports.

Six of the strangest sporting moments in 2015

Image: Kin Cheung / AP/Press Association Images

Having spent the entirety of 2015 glued to the sports pages and keeping a close eye on everything and anything related to sports, we've seen plenty of exciting and controversial moments. 

However, when you watch so much sports, you come across a fair share of strange and bizarre moments too, which is why we've put our otherwise useless memories to good use and compiled our six favourite and strangest moments of 2015.

So in no particular order...

You've got to be kid-ding

We will get started with a really weird one. Tony Ujah landed a great strike for Koln against Frankfurt and got a burst of adrenaline when celebrating his goal. That lead to him grabbing Koln's mascot by the horns in what was a cruel goal celebration.

We wouldn't have put this one in except for the fact that Ujah traveled to Koln's zoo and apologised to the goat in person, acknowledging that he had gotten carried away, and now all seems to be cool with their relationship. 


Happy birthday Hennes VIII 🐐🎉

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Money, money, money...

In a year that FIFA were publicly humiliated, Sepp Blatter had to make an appearance in the list of strangest moments.

While it was odd to see a number of FIFA executives lead out of the Baur Au Lac hotel with a sheet hiding the door to protect them from the paparazzi, the strangest moment came during a press conference following some of the first revelations, and was more than a little unexpected.

Comedian Lee Nelson, who is known for pulling stunts along these lines, decided to shower Blatter in dollar bills, given the accusations he was facing at the time. 

The soap opera, of course, continues and we are due some more dramatics in 2016!

The only (seg)way is down

For a brief moment, the world thought Usain Bolt's career was over when a cameraman drove over him as he chased him around the track trying to film his scenes of celebration.

It was just after Bolt had claimed the 200m gold at the World Championships and there was genuine concern that Bolt might have hurt himself. Fear not, however, because as nervous as you were for the Jamaican sprinter, it will never compare to the look of fear on the cameraman's face... 


Jaws dropping

Australian surfer Mick Fanning fought off a shark while competing in the J-Bay Open World Surf League event in South Africa.

Fanning was thanking his lucky stars that he came out of the incident alive. Speaking to ABC, he said that he realised that something was coming up behind him at the time, and "I just saw fin - I didn't see the teeth, I was waiting for some teeth to come at me as I was swimming". 

He added that he punched it in the back and kicked out at it, and that before he knew it the jetskis were there to pull him away from danger.


Lew-cha Libre

Ahead of the Mexican grand prix in 2015, and with a little help from his sponsors Puma, Lewis Hamilton got involved in a lucha libre wrestling match. 

While Wayne Rooney also got involved in a WWE event in Manchester, his slap was nothing compared to Hamilton's ability to perform a pretty decent cross body splash on his opponent. Besides, he actually got in the ring.

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Without a doubt, the strangest moment in a press conference came courtesy of (former) Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson. 

Not known for his warm demeanor when it comes to chatting with journalists, he proceeded to get involved in a war of words with Ian Baker, a local freelance scribe who covers the club. 

Asked about what particular criticisms his players were receiving which he thought were unfair, he asked Baker if he had his head stuck in the sand, like an ostrich, because that would be the only way that he could have missed all the abuse being aimed at his team. 

He asked Baker "are you flexible enough to get your head in the sand? My suspicion would be no. I can, you can't". 

At that point, the media relations person was desperate to call an end to proceedings, but things just kept going and got even more awkward.