Sum craic: Romania team wear calculations on their shirts instead of numbers to promote maths to kids

The Romania football team wore some special kits to training this week

BY Adrian Collins 13:49 Sunday 27 March 2016, 13:49 27 Mar 2016

Image: Martin Rickett / PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Romanian team were hard at work in training ahead of their game against Spain on Sunday, wearing some unique kits. 

In an effort to promote maths to kids who might be watching the game and paying attention to the team, they replaced the numbers on their shirts with something a bit different. 

Instead of their squad number, their jersey instead shows a mathematical formula to workout the number they're wearing, from 2x3 to 46÷2. 

Hopefully, it won't make life too difficult for the referee as he tries to figure out what number the player is when he goes to book them.

Still, it might be the right formula for them to win, but the odds are not in their favour against Spain. 


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