Sunday Paper Review: Manchester United's lack of leaders, Jon Walters' "every man" image and Ruby and Kimmage

Cliona Foley and Declan Lynch joined Adrian Barry to digest the sports pages

Louis van Gaal has been hogging the headlines for much of the festive period. He was the opening topic of discussion on the Sunday Paper Review too, as Adrian welcomed Cliona Foley and Declan Lynch onto the show to dissect all the news across the back pages of the sporting world. 

"At it's simplest, it can all be traced back to Alex Ferguson." Declan says as he dicsuccess the effects of someone running an institution like Manchester United for 25 years. There is a sense of pity for Van Gaal as United's lack of leaders are discussed. They also discuss who might and should get the United job, should Van Gaal leave his post.

Cliona touched on some magnificent points regarding social media and the perceived effect it was supposed to have on everyone using it. At one point, we wre supposed to be setting up ourselves to receive all types of new information but Cliona says, "You're designing your own information channel. They don't get a broadness of views."

Jon Walters came up and his connection with the fans was discussed. Cliona spoke about the lack of a GAA documentary on out television screens this Christmas and spoke about bans on players from the media. There is certainly something to be taken from the points as the GAA appear to be losing touch with their fans and the people who adore them on Sundays every summer. 

Paul Kimmage's interview with Ruby Walsh in the Independent forced a response from Cliona as she said, "Ruby doesn't do bullshit, Ruby never did bullshit."