Sunday Paper Review: Should Ireland consider introducing a sugar tax?

Colm O'Rourke wrote a piece about the need to introduce regulations that might curb obesity among children

For this week's Sunday Sports pages review, Adrian Barry was joined by journalists Mick O'Keefe and Eoin Butler.

During the discussion, the panel turned their attentions to an article in the Sunday Independent in which Colm O'Rourke argued the case for introducing a sugar tax in an effort to curtail obesity levels among young people.

O'Rourke writes that a sugar tax will soon be introduced in Britain which will generate a return of some £500m to be invested in sport in schools. And the GAA pundit recommends that Ireland follow that example for the preserve of good health and well-being among young people.

Mick O'Keefe, who agreed with the article, spoke about how he has observed that children are bigger now than when he was younger.

''O'Rourke rightly makes the point, as a teacher himself, that lack of funding and a lack of support and I think a lack of infrastructure in schools to perform that duty to keep young kids fit particularly at a time when diets are poor and habits are poor as well. ''

''He claims that over €50 could be pumped back into schools. I was only walking through a park yesterday and there was a soccer match on. The kids were overweight and there's a big issue here. Kids are a stone or two heavier than they were when we were growing up. They're not fit and there is an issue here.''