Sunday Sports Pages: Where is the coverage of Katie Taylor's transition into professional boxing?

Kieran Cunningham and Gavan Reilly joined Joe Molloy in studio

BY Sinéad Farrell 15:16 Sunday 30 October 2016, 15:16 30 Oct 2016

Image: Richie McCormack (Off The Ball)

Irish boxer Katie Taylor announced her decision to join the professional ranks earlier in the week and the absence of coverage about it in today's sports pages was addressed during today's paper review.

Regular panellist Kieran Cunningham of The Irish Daily Star broached the subject during the discussion in which he lamented that more space in the Sunday papers didn't explore the latest developments on Taylor's career.

"I think the Katie Taylor going pro story, was the story of the week and one of the biggest stories of the year. The Sunday Indo, the Sunday Times or the (Irish) Mail - there's not a single mention of Katie. Kevin Byrne (Irish Sun) broke the story and fair play to him, it's hard to get stories these days. Kevin Palmer of the Sunday World has an interview with Eddie Hearn the promoter who brings up the possibility of a world title fight in the Aviva next year."

"There's been a debate about the lack of woman in sports coverage and if you go through the papers, there's a hell of a lot of pictures of men and stories about men and men writing. There's not many women in there and the most successful sports person of all time from Ireland is Katie Taylor and a massive week has been ignored by a load of the papers which I find incredible."

Joe Molloy later proffered a theory that the lack of media focus on female athletes could be linked to a pre-existing culture which influences journalists to gravitate towards male athletes, rather than an intentional ignorance towards women in sport.

"It just wouldn't occur to me to look through the pages for a woman, but then again I'm surrounded by men everywhere. Maybe we're just not thinking in these terms and we should be."

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