Tadhg Furlong tells us all about his Lions experience

"The third test was one of the weirdest feelings I've ever had on a rugby pitch"

BY Joseph Conroy 21:42 Wednesday 26 July 2017, 21:42 26 Jul 2017

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"The third test was one of the weirdest feelings I've ever had on a rugby pitch. You’re kind of happy they didn’t score in the end, you’re a bit confused about what happened," the Leinster star told Off The Ball, reflecting on his feelings after the series ended as a draw.

"No one’s won - but no one's lost. You’re kind of up in the air about it. But then you kind of, you have a few days off, you can sort of say, you know it’s a pretty good result over all," he continued.

When Joe Molloy put it to Furlong that he must be happy with the praise which his performance gained he replied that he generally finds himself focusing on his mistakes:

"You do and you don’t. Maybe it’s an Irish thing, maybe it’s a ‘country’ thing or something. I don’t know. You sit down at the end of a game, or you do a review, or you have to send some feedback to coaches. They ask you to fill out what you think you did well, what you think you didn’t do well.

"You can fill out what you didn’t do well and what you can improve on - you can list them off. When it comes down to writing what you did well - you know - you’re struggling. You’re looking at an empty page. I find it very hard to say those things."

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