From Gary Doherty to Nobby Solano: The Team 33 interviews we enjoyed recording most in 2016

Presenter Raf Diallo looks back on some of the pieces from the year

Gary Doherty, Ireland

Gary Doherty (Picture by: Tony O'Brien / EMPICS Sport)

Football never ceases to give you things to talk about or remind you about issues or stories from the past.

2016 was no different in that regard so we had plenty of inspiration on Team 33 throughout the year.

We're looking forward to what 2017 has in store both on the pitch and in terms of what pieces and interviews we may end up doing.

But as 2016 closes we wanted to remind ourselves (and you more importantly) of the interviews and segments we enjoyed putting together most. So here are 11 from 2016 below and you can find about 40 others right here.

Paddy Mulligan

In February, the former Ireland right back joined Joe Coffey, Derek Ryan and myself to share his stories from going on two tours to South America with the Boys in Green back in the 1970s.

We'll be doing another piece with Paddy some time in the New Year along with a former team-mate so stay tuned for that.

 Gary Doherty

It's been a while since we'd heard about the man affectionately dubbed the Ginger Pele. So back in March,'s Conor Neville and I had a chat with him as he looked back on his childhood as well as a career with Ireland, Norwich and Tottenham.

Sid Lowe

The Guardian Spanish football writer is someone whose column I would read weekly as a rule. He happened to be in Dublin in March and he helped us go on a La Liga nostalgia trip.

If you enjoyed that, our old amigo Eduardo Alvarez of ESPN and Radio Marca helped us get to know the Altetico Madrid double winners of 1996.

Kicking Ice

This was a solo mission by our contributor Marcus Maher who spoke to Eidur Gudjohnsen's father among others about the rapid rise of Icelandic football - and that was just before Euro 2016!

Brian Deane

To start off the Premier League season, Joe, Derek, Killian Woods and I spoke to the first man to score a goal in the reborn competition way back in 1992 and he was happy to oblige in terms of going in depth into his career as a player and coach.

Alan Curbishley

It's been a while since the former West Ham and Charlton boss has been involved in management. We caught up with him and picked his brains on the game today and his own career and absence from the sidelines.

Nobby Solano

We were hampered a bit by a ropey phoneline from a hotel high up in the Andes but it was still worth it because Newcastle cult hero Nobby Solano still got some stories across to us.

 Packie Bonner

When you're a kid, you don't imagine that one day you'll be sitting down for an in-depth chat with an Ireland legend.

Focusing heavily on Celtic as well as his childhood in Donegal, I was thrilled to speak in-depth to the iconic Irish goalkeeper in September.


 Michael Calvin

Author Michael Calvin was someone we had spoken to before about his critically acclaimed book on scouting called The Nowhere Men.

Since then he has co-written Joey Barton's autobiography. In October he spoke to us in detail about the man that is Joey Barton and what makes him tick.

Stephen Elliott

Sometimes you do interviews over the phone, but like the Bonner and Mulligan interviews, a studio piece always adds something special and we had the pleasure of sharing a studio with Stephen Elliott who regaled us with tales from his international and club career.

Maykel Galindo

In the wake of Fidel Castro's passing, we spoke to Cuban footballer Maykel Galindo who defected from his country in 2005 and remained in exile for over a decade.

He was kind enough to tell us his story which you can listen to here.

So from all of us on the show, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you in the New Year. Take it away, Johann!