Tears and cheers as Hillsborough families get 'Justice'

The Inquests revealed that 96 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed

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Picture by: Owen Humphreys / PA Wire/Press Association Images

The families of those who died in the Hillsborough disaster erupted in cheers as they heard their wait for justice was over.

As they spilled out of court, one man punched the air in victory as others hugged each other and broke down in tears. Many had endured years of what they saw as a fight to prove that 96 of their friends and relatives had been unlawfully killed.

After emerging from court, many spontaneously sang You'll Never Walk Alone and held scarves and pictures of those who had died aloft. The song tailed off into chants of: "For the 96, Justice..."

Sky News' Nick Martin, who was in the court, said: "It was incredibly emotional ... as the jury went through those conclusions. "A lot of them were chatting, hugging, holding hands. Others were dabbing their eyes with tissues. Some of them just looked steely forwards, thinking about what had happened over the last 24 years."

"Over the last 20 years their reputations had been tarnished, they had constantly being fighting the system to get what they called justice."

Earlier, they had greeted each other with hugs as they made their way into the courtroom in Warrington for the end of the longest jury hearing in British legal history.