Tennis players admit they only get tested when they lose at tournaments

The doping culture in tennis comes under increased scrutiny

Tennis players admit they only get tested when they lose at tournaments

Rick Rycroft / AP/Press Association Images

Following the shocking revelations from Maria Sharapova with regards a failed drugs test at the Australian Open, other pro tennis players have come out to say they have only ever been drug tested after they lose.

Sharapova incidentally, failed her drugs test after a quarter-final defeat to Serena Williams and now it appears that this might not be an isolated example.

British tennis player Heather Watson told The Guardian this weekend, that she was only ever tested once after a win when dehydration forced a delay in her providing a sample.

''I got tested after I won once and it was awful. I couldn’t go to the bathroom and I had to wait all evening and I had a match the next day. That’s only happened once. I think when you’re winning it’s not really fair [to be tested]. But, let’s say I’ve been tested about 50 times, I’d say 49 times were after a loss.''

Similarly, Swiss player Belinda Bencic substantiated Watson's comments by saying that underoing a drugs test after a defat, is a routine thing for her. 

''My last test was in the Australian Open, after when I lost, like always. If you keep playing [in a tournament], they are not going to test you [when you win]. I think they can but it’s normally when you lose and you have more time and they do the drug test.''