"That's what I struggle with" - Paul O'Connell on adjusting to a different way of watching rugby

The Munster legend was in conversation with Brian O'Driscoll

"That's what I struggle with" - Paul O'Connell on adjusting to a different way of watching rugby

©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Brian O'Driscoll resumed his weekly slot on Off The Ball this evening, and he began by interviewing his former Ireland team-mate Paul O'Connell alongside Ger Gilroy.

The gruelling image of O'Connell being wheeled from the pitch in agony during the Rugby World Cup, will be forever etched in our minds. It ultimately marked the end of his legendary career before he could ply his trade in France.

In his absence, Ireland have failed to retain the Six Nations and after a promising start in their tour of South Africa during the summer, the series win evaded them in the end.

Brian O'Driscoll put the question of retirement to O'Connell, confessing that after he departed the international game, part of him 'wanted to be missed.'

O'Connell said that he is enjoying the early stages of retirement and that the freedom from injury, has given him a sense of peace.

"Maybe (I'll struggle) in time. France didn't happen for me and that was a disappointment but I think I've been battling injuries for so long and trying to get back to a level for so long. When it was over, I was devastated to retire but I was kinda glad not to be in that battle anymore."

He added that one of the things that has made the transition into retirement difficult, is how he watches the game. 

"I record games and I like watching them and rewinding them. If I start watching a game with someone I'll end up watching it an hour after them. Towards the end of my time, you could watch a game on four different computer screens. you could watch every line-out and every piece of play. You can watch a game over 80 minutes but you're almost watching it four times (on different cameras). That's what I struggle with, not being able to watch a game in real detail."

"The few times I did TV, the one thing I found hard was watching the game on one camera and give an opinion on it. In the past, you'd be able to watch that game two or three times and form a fairly educated opinion on it."