The IAAF heavily criticised in new WADA report

The report claims that the IAAF 'could not have been unaware' of doping

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Dick Pound was the author of the report. Picture by: Brennan Linsley / AP/Press Association Images

The IAAF leadership "could not have been unaware of the extent of doping" in Russia, an investigation has found.

The probe also found former president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, Lamine Diack, "sanctioned and appeared to have had personal knowledge" of fraud and extortion.The World Anti-Doping Agency report said corruption was "embedded" in world athletics' governing body and could not be blamed simply "on a small number of miscreants".

The report, compiled by former WADA president Dick Pound, examines allegations that Mr Diack, conspired with a number of senior executives to cover up doping by Russian athletes.

Sources with knowledge of the report have also confirmed reports by the Associated Press that the report also details claims by Mr Diack that he would discuss doping bans against Russian athletes with President Vladimir Putin.
The conclusions will raise fresh questions for current IAAF President Sebastian Coe as to what he knew during his seven-year spell as a vice president.

The report is expected to ask how Coe and his colleagues on the IAAF Council were not more aware of  attempts to suppress the scale of Russian doping.

An IAAF ethics commission investigation published last week detailed how executives including the current head of anti-doping and the legal director raised concerns with Mr Diack about the processing of Russian doping cases, but were ignored.

You can read the full WADA report here.