The best Twitter reactions to Wayne Rooney being dropped by Louis van Gaal

Rooney has been dropped as a late Christmas gift to United fans and the reaction on twitter was funny

Manchester United are struggling. That much is certain but the reasons as to why are complex and vast. 

One of them is the misfiring of Wayne Rooney this season. The club captain has been worse than poor for much of the 2015 campaign. He has scored just two goals in the Premier League and not since October has he found the net. 

A trip to Stoke City with his back to the wall was the tipping point for Louis van Gaal as he dropped his captain and, as you might expect, the reaction on twitter was hilarious. It has been a long time coming, and given the fact that it comes just a day after Christmas, means there were plenty of "too much turkey" jokes amongst others. Here are some of the best...