The confused and bemused Twitter reaction to Anderson Silva's flying knee at UFC London

The Brazilian thought the fight was his after executing a perfect hit on Michael Bisping

The bout eventually went to five rounds with Bisping the eventual victor but several believed he was finished in the concluding moments of the third round.

Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Michael Bisping were engrossed in a tight contest at UFC London, with both parties intermittently sneaking through the guard to land some punishing hits.

The packed out O2 arena in London were waiting to see which contender would blink first and by the close of the third round, it seemed like we had an answer.

With just a few seconds to go, Bisping looked to referee Herb Deane looking for his mouthpiece which he misplaced at some point during the fight. In doing so, Bisping broke a cardinal rule and left himself exposed. And Silva needed no invitation to exploit the carelessness.

The Brazillian landed a devastating knee to the face that sent Bisping slumping to the canvas. Bisping looked to be unable to continue and the 40-year-old naturally proceeded to the fence to celebrate the assumed win.

But bizarrely, it wasn't over. The fight was delayed for several minutes, but Bisping was eventually declared fit to continue, a decision which split the internet in two.