The little boy in the plastic bag Messi jersey will get to meet his hero

Murtaza will get to meet Lionel Messi after a picture of him went viral.

A young boy from Afghanistan is set to have one of his dreams come true as he gets to meet his footballing hero, Lionel Messi. 

Murtaza went viral after a picture of him in an improvised Lionel Messi jersey went around the web as people tried to find out who he was and send him a real shirt, and now he is set to meet his hero. 

According to a statement from Syed Ali Kazemi of the Afghanistan Football Federation, they have heard from both Lionel Messi's people as well as Barcelona about the meeting and that the 5-year-old will get the chance to meet his idol. 

According to Atres Media and EFE, his father Ahmadi detailed how they are a humble farming family and that Murtaza had been asking for a Messi jersey for a long time, but they had no way of being able to afford one for him. 

He also stated that Murtaza watches as much of Lionel Messi as he can thanks to a car battery that they have hooked up to make the television work, as their village in a rural area in the eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan.  

The Afghanistan Football Federation have stated that the meeting will take place soon and that it is already arranged, but have not given any further details. 

Via Atres Media