"The referee's report is final and that's that" - Cork boss Ephie Fitzgerald rules out replay with Dublin

Cork were crowned champions in controversial circumstances yesterday

BY Newstalk 13:05 Monday 26 September 2016, 13:05 26 Sep 2016

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Cork manager Ephie Fitzgerald today rejected the idea that the All-Ireland final will go to a replay and said that the referee's report is final.

Speaking to REDfm this morning, Fitzgerald dismissed the idea that the two sides would have to do it all again after a controversial decision from the umpires failed to register a perfectly legitimate point for Dublin. The capital would go on to lose the game by a single point.

Hawk-Eye was not used to clarify the situation and Dublin boss Gregory McGonigle said after the game: "Fundamentally, I believe our ladies association have let us down".

"He can say what he likes, to be honest about it," Fitzgerald told Neil Prendeville of the demands for a replay.

"Gregory is very quick to talk. But as far as I’m concerned we’re All-Ireland champions and that’s that.

"They were on about Hawk-Eye and what not. We’ve had decisions, I don’t believe that their penalty was a penalty either and we could have had one earlier on so you take a game on its merits.

"There’s two umpires, there’s a referee, there’s two linesmen — if they say the ball was wide then you have to take it.

"We’ve lost matches over the years, I know myself, with decisions like that. The fact that there’s no Hawk-Eye there isn’t down to us, that’s to do with the powers that be, so there won’t be any rematch."

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