There will be no relegation in the Six Nations anytime soon

Georgia and Romania will remain on the periphery of European rugby

There will be no relegation in the Six Nations anytime soon

The captains. Image: ©INPHO/Billy Stickland

There will be no relegation in the 6 Nations Championship for the foreseeable future after the idea was ruled out by the tournament's Chief Executive.

Speaking to BBC Wales, John Feehan, the CEO of the 6 Nations said: "In the short to medium term there is not any genuine likelihood of that happening," in news that is bound to disappoint both Georgia and Romania. 

The most recent change to the competition has seen the introduction of bonus points which will be trialled in 2017.

Referring to the change, he said: "It is something we have considered for many years but resisted to date. If you look at the Six Nations, it is inherently unfair because some teams have three home games and other teams have two home matches in any given year and there is an imbalance.

"That word balance is key and we are looking to see whether the benefits we get on encouraging more tries to be scored is better than any direct imbalance.

"We decided we had to give it a try to see if it works. If you look at the the championship two years ago, we ended up with 27 tries on the last day. Teams can score tries when they wish to and need to," he added.