There's a "very strong possibility" Meath will refuse Christy Ring final replay

The GAA granted a replay after admitting that the final score had been recorded incorrectly

Christy Ring Cup, Antrim, Meath

Image: ©INPHO/Tom Beary

There looks set to be more twists in the tale as the controversy surrounding the Christy Ring Cup final rumbles on. 

On Tuesday, the decision was taken by the GAA to grant a replay as, "following consideration of the referee’s report, it has been confirmed that the final score of the game was recorded incorrectly and that the game did finish in a draw (Antrim 1-20, Meath 2-17)."

The game is scheduled to take place on June 11th in Pairc Esler in Newry, but speaking to Newstalk, Fergal Lynch of the Meath Chronicle highlighted that there is a "very strong possibility" that the Meath side who were presented with the trophy will make the decision not to take to the field. 

"Martin Ennis yesterday was strongly of the opinion that the management team were unhappy at the thoughts of having to fulfill the fixture after all that's gone on in the last few days. 

"The team celebrated as if they had won the Christy Ring Cup, and even up to yesterday there were still some of them celebrating."

Meath's Martin Ennis. Image: ©INPHO/Tom Beary

Noting that a number of players were set to head off to the United States for the summer, Lynch stated that there was a feeling in the camp that it would be "very difficult to fulfill the fixture."

While it may be the only practical solution given the error on the day, Lynch added that Ennis felt that there seemed to be an effort to blame both sides, when the problem was not theirs to solve.

"It seems to be that they're pitting Meath and Antrim against each other, when it's really a problem of the GAA's making and there should really be another solution."

Logistically, the replay also presents problems not just for Meath, but for Antrim as well, with Lynch pointing out that the venue is not ideal, as "even Down won't play their inter-county hurling matches" in Pairc Esler.

"To play the game in Newry seven days after the Christy Ring Cup final blatantly shows a lack of respect for both counties in terms of asking them to turn around so quickly [...] it just seems to be a bizarre situation."

While clarity is still being sought on further issues arising from the use of Hawkeye and the referee's decisions, it looks as though there is a solution has yet to be found which can give both sides what they want.