Thierry Henry breaks down the changes that Pep Guardiola will make at Manchester City

The former Barcelona player outlines what he thinks Manchester City will look like next season

Pep Gaurdiola, Joshua Kimmich, Bayern Munich,

Image: Martin Meissner / AP/Press Association Images

Thierry Henry believes there will be a huge number of changes when Pep Guardiola eventually joins Manchester City in the summer, and they could start with a few of the playing staff being sold off to ply their trade elsewhere, including those who may have considered themselves to be safe. 

Speaking on Sky Sports after Manchester City's win over a struggling West Brom side, Henry outlined the way things changed when Guardiola took over at Barcelona, and what might await the Manchester side now that the Bayern Munich boss is headed their way. 

He pinpointed that a number of players, such as Yaya Toure and Gael Clichy, will be looking over their shoulder and are likely to be sent packing from the club to be replaced by players such as Ilkay Gundogan.  

Surprisingly, perhaps, he noted that even Joe Hart isn't safe and Guardiola may look to bring in Marc Ter Stegen who currently plays for his former team Barcelona. 

Image: Sky Sports

"Because of the way that Pep Guardiola likes to play, everything starts with the goalkeeper," said Henry. "You see Manuel Neuer, he plays almost as a sweeper. He is there, high, composed, [and he asks that] when that ball comes back, can you pick out your number 4? Can you find the number 6? The 10? can you pass that ball through the line? Can you keep your composure, don't kick the ball straight forward". 

While Henry also mentioned the possibility of players such as Paul Pogba arriving to reinforce an incredibly strong squad already, he noted that the biggest alterations will be in the attitude of the players and the environment in the club.

"Forget about changing Bayern, he will demand a lot from his players, from the medical staff, from the kitman, from the groundsman, from the people who do the coffee... Everything has to be perfect, intensity, work ethic and keep the ball".