This is perhaps the most outrageous trick shot you will ever see

Because we all love a trick shot, don't we?

BY Newstalk 19:03 Tuesday 10 January 2017, 19:03 10 Jan 2017

This is really something special.

Well, when we say special, we also mean kind of pointless. But aren't all trick shots like that? There's no point in trying to dissect them because at the end of the day they just look cool.

A video surfaced on Tuesday of staff at Bristol’s Allstars Sports Bar pull off this astounding trick shot, which spans a few floors of the building and across a number of pool tables. It all begins with one little golf putt and the rest takes care of itself.

The 500ft putt took about 11 hours to set up, according to the BBC, and was filmed by general manager Shane O'Hara and bar assistant Tom Woolman. 


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