"One of the greatest underdog stories in sport" - Neil Lennon on Leicester's Premier League success

The former Leicester captain spoke on Off The Ball this evening

BY Cian Roche 20:27 Tuesday 3 May 2016, 20:27 3 May 2016

Leicester City's Premier League triumph is perhaps the most remarkable in the history of modern football and while the players will celebrate in the days and week's to come, their legacy will live on long after the decorations come down.

Speaking on tonight's Off The Ball, former Leicester City captain Neil Lennon explained just how special the success is to the club and the fans.

"It's been a remarkable season and this has been one of the greatest underdog stories in the history of any sport" he began.

"To be 5000-1 outsiders... This isn't like a cup win or somebody knocking out Mike Tyson, this is over a 38 game season. This is over a year, over 10 months. It's an incredible achievement from the players.

"The temperament and mentality of the team was incredible. They never looked flustered in any games, they had a difficult game against West Ham at home but other than that no real nerves in the past ten games."

The former Celtic and Bolton manager cited some of their stand-out performers this season as the reason why they achieved this unprecedented success.

"They're really strong down the middle. The goalkeeper [Kasper] Schmeichel, he's made goalkeeping look easy this season. The two centre halves are no-nonsense, big athletic types.

"The midfield players have been key in [Danny] Drinkwater and [N'Golo] Kante, they've been brilliant in winning the ball. Of course you've got [Jamie] Vardy star quality after an incredible season.

"The spine of the team have been really strong in that way. There's been no long term injuries that has kept a lot of these players out, so Ranieri has been able to pick essentially the same team week in, week out." 

Leicester won the league with some of the lowest possession and pass completion rates in the league, as well as with a standard 4-4-2 formation.

"What they were able to do when they won the ball back was to counter attack very quickly`and the pace that Vardy had could get them up the pitch."



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