Thomas Barr discusses his London nightmare

We caught up with the Irish athlete...

Thomas Barr discusses his London nightmare

Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

Thomas Barr joined Off The Ball tonight, days after he was ruled out of the IAAF World Championships.

In the early hours of Sunday morning he Irish athlete realised that he was in trouble:

"I woke up all dizzy and I didn’t really know what was going on. Sure enough, I had to get sick and was vomiting through the night," he told Joe Molloy.

Barr later learned that he had been hit with an illness similar to the winter vomiting bug.

His sickness was particularly frustrating as it came at a time when he felt like he was "back on track" and set to perform well.

When asked about the booing of Justin Gatlin, Barr said that he can see both sides of the debate:

"It was a bit ridiculous, I mean, on both sides. The man, should not … he’s served two bans. Albeit, The first ban was when he was younger and it seems to be somewhat innocent. The second was not. He was booed quite substantially in the stadium, so much so you could hear it on the TV quite clearly.

"I can see from both sides, I don’t feel for the man because of what he’s done, he’s cheated the event, he cheated the sport. At the same time I do feel that he was unfairly treated in the fact that there were other athletes out there on the track who have served doping bans who were cheered."