Three American high school basketball players charged with rape of teammate

All three have been charged with rape and aggravated assault

Three American high school basketball players have been charged with aggravated rape and assault of a teammate. Their names have not been released.

According to the Washington Post, the assault is being treated as a hazing incident, a type of initiation into a group or fraternity.

The incident allegedly occurred on the 22nd of December when the victim was checked into a medical centre by a coach. The authorities were alerted.

The victim was later checked out but checked back in as his injuries were so severe. The paper reports that a pool cue was inserted into his rectum which punctured his colon and the a tip of the cue broke off into his bladder.

“We can’t give names because they’re under 18 years of age, and since we’re out of school for the holidays we haven’t met yet to determine how they will be punished at school,” Ooltewah Athletic Director Jesse Nayadley told the Times Free Press. “But as far as athletically, those three young men are no longer a part of the Ooltewah basketball team.”

The Washington Post goes on to report that although the teammates have been charged with one incident, it is believed that three more team members were hazed.