"To be honest I don't even read these things" - Brian Cody responds to Ger Loughnane's "functional" comments

The Kilkenny boss insists the comments are irrelevant to the team

Brian Cody says that his Kilkenny side have paid little or no attention to Ger Loughnane's comments that his team are "functional beyond belief".

Kilkenny go in search of a third consecutive All-Ireland title this summer for a fourth time under Brian Cody and the 61-year-old responded to the comments ahead of the this summer's competition.

"Ger is a gas man," he told Independent.ie.

"Ger throws out these things every so often. To be honest I don't even read these things. I've known Ger for a long time and he will always throw out things that are controversial.

"I think he said we are a functional team. That's not a bad thing to be. I'd prefer to be functional than dysfunctional."

Colin Fennelly had previously remarked that the comments were "strange" and Cody went on to say that his side will not be using it to fuel their push for another Liam McCarthy Cup.

"To be honest it hasn't even been mentioned," he said.

"I haven't heard one word about it in the dressing room or around the team."

When asked what he would do when his time at the helm of Kilkenny comes to an end he replied: "I don't think I would be clever enough to be a pundit.

"You need a high level of intelligence to be a pundit and I don't think I would be in Ger's league at all."

Via Independent.ie