Tomas O'Sé: Dublin defeat leaves Kerry with a "hollow" feeling

Tomas O'Sé spoke to Off the Ball this evening

BY Cian Roche 19:59 Monday 29 August 2016, 19:59 29 Aug 2016

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Former Kerry fooballer and All-Star, Tomas O'Sé, described as "hollow", the feeling after Dublin's victory over the Kingdom in the Al-Ireland semi-final yesterday.

Kerry threw away a five-point half-time lead to lose by two points to Jim Gavin's men and struggled to impose themselves on the second half of the game. 

Speaking on tonight's Off The Ball, O'Sé lamented Kerry's loss but gave credit to what he described as a superior Dublin side.

"I have a lot of buddies on that team, it's kind of a hollow feeling," he said. "I won't it's the same when you're playing, but I can feel for the lads. They gave a great performance. They did everything they could possibly do. It was a great game of football. 

"You have to take your hat off to the Dubs. Possibly at half-time we were thinking 'this could be the day' but I don't think we were the five-point better team in the first half [sic].

"I think the two goals, the second goal in particular, was an added bonus for us. Look, Kerry gave a brilliant performance. They're very, very disappointed. They came up to win it and that's their attitude and it always is when they come up to Croke Park."   

Jim Gavin's side may have had the psychological edge over Kerry, having beaten them in the League final earlier this year and in the final of the All-Ireland last September. 

"We're talking about an exceptional Dublin team, a team that don't give up. They're a team that have leaders all over the place and have guys who are willing to do anything to win. They did that again yesterday to prove it. 

"In the first five minutes of the second half I felt that we could be in trouble by the way they came out. I felt if we came out in the second half and we tagged on a score or two scores, then we'd start putting doubts into their heads.

"But they were the ones who came out and got the first two opening scores and it set them on fire. They were coming at us all day... Half-time came a little too soon for us. We would have loved to have continued that game." 

Kerry struggled to make the most of their advantage after the restart and fell away as Dublin moved through the gears in the second half.

"When you look at the second half, 0-13 to 0-05 is what we were beaten by. It was pretty obvious that we were comprehensively beaten in the second half. There's no point in me saying it, we had the same in 2011 and 2013. All these claps on the back saying 'oh you did great' and 'twas a massive game of football'. That's no good to Kerry.

"I don't think there's two ways to put it only that Dublin have it over us at the moment and are a better team than us at the moment.

"I've no doubt that they will come back stronger again next year and that there are players coming through. I know we will lose a couple of player but that won't help at the moment. It'll be a tough winter for them to go through."


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