Tony Adams: Arsene Wenger would've been sacked after a year at Real Madrid

Former Arsenal captain has been voicing criticism of his one-time manager

Former Arsenal captain Tony Adams feels Arsene Wenger cannot "let go" of his control at the club and would not have lasted long at a club like Real Madrid.

The 50 year old who served as Granada's caretaker manager in La Liga at the end of last season in an unsuccessful bid to keep them from relegation, had previously criticised Wenger's abilities as a coach despite the fact that they won league and cup titles together prior to Adams' retirement in 2002.

In an interview with The Guardian's Donald McRae as he releases new autobiography Sober, Adams continued his criticism of the Frenchman and suggested that had he gone to a club like Real Madrid he wouldn't have lasted long.

Adams said: "That’s why I think he’ll hold on to Arsenal. He said: ‘I’ve turned down every club in the world.’ But he would’ve been sacked after a year at Madrid. He would’ve had to go to from club to club. But, at Arsenal, he’s got total dominance. The board do nothing. Arsène has a free rein. He’s earning them so much money he can do what he wants. And I don’t think Arsène can let go. It’s an addiction."

However, Adams did state that Wenger is "the greatest Arsenal manager ever" and that he was delighted for his former manager after Arsenal won the FA Cup final on Saturday.