The best moments that celebrate the legend that is Nick Cummins aka 'Honey Badger'

As quick to drop a stunning one liner as he is to steal a try

The best moments that celebrate the legend that is Nick Cummins aka 'Honey Badger'

Tertius Pickard / AP/Press Association Images

While some athletes prefer to maintain a quiet persona and focus on their sport of choice, Rugby cult hero Nick Cummins has cultivated a legacy for himself as one of the most hilarious figures in sport.

On the pitch, the Australian native plies his trade as a winger, although he has the versatility to slot into outside-centre. He is renowned for his pace and between 2012 and 2014, he scored six tries in all test matches.

For sure, he is a respected rugby player but away from the game, the 'Honey Badger,' is an entertaining character.

The nickname was inspired by a National Geographic documentary in which a Honey Badger overcame a Lion by tearing off the Lion's testicles which Cummins playfully refers to as ''canashers.'' 

Whether you see him as poetic or eccentric, there's no denying that the Badger has coined some of the wittiest and most distinctive one liners in sports history.

Here are some of his best moments to date.

Head Over Biscuit

In a 2014 game for Western Force, the Honey Badger came agonisingly close to squeezing over the line for a try and this is how he summarised the moment.

''I've gone up and over and head over biscuit. I was busting for a bit of meat in this game but it just didn't work out.''

 Meat Pie 

It's the Badger's preference to refer to tries as 'meat pie,' which is quite an innovative term if you think about it. It covers the hunger the winger has for getting points on the board while also creating a lovely rhyming effect.

Here he is, talking about his first kill for some meat in a test game for Australia

Gareth Bale - A postal service

In an interview with a Welsh journalist, Cummins is given a selection of cards containing Welsh phrases in an attempt to educate Cummins about their culture. Given the language barrier, Cummins guesses none of them correctly but the pick of the bunch is the moment when he confronts a card with Gareth Bale written on it.

Unfamiliar with soccer, Cummins proceeds to the next logical step of applying his rhyming methods to the situation.

''I was thinking Gareth Bale in the mail. Have you received your Gareth Bale tonight mate?'

So simple and yet, there seems to be some flaws in his thinking.

Chewing The Fat

The Badger enjoys inventing metaphors that celebrate the ruthlessness of the animal kingdom although they do run the risk of isolating vegetarians at the same time. 

Here's one of his more protracted phrases:

''Get on the dog and bone, book a left jab to the billabong, bend the elbow with a few pigs' ears and chew a bit of fat with a few China plates.''

It doesn't make any sense but to borrow the words of Red from The Shawshank Redemption - ''some things are best left unsaid.''

Like The Kid Who Fell Out Of The Tree, Just Wasn't In It

And for the main dish, here is The Honey Badger at his unintentionally comedic best. Skip to 2.50 for this peculiar analogy but, considering the many humourous scenes preceding it, I suspect you won't be hitting the fast-forward button here.