Top GAA players react to motions ratified at Congress this weekend

The collective response was mixed at best

Top GAA players react to motions ratified at Congress this weekend

©INPHO/Cathal Noonan

Following a two-day session of deliberation, a handful of motions were picked from a total of 65.

Among the marquee ones which were passed by congress include, the introduction of the mark and the regrading of codes in inter-county hurling and football. U17 will be the new age bracket to denote minor hurling and football while U20 will replace U21 football. This one comes into effect from January 1, 2018.

While the latter motion generated a lot of debate in the lead-up to Congress 2016, the new mark rule was implemented without much notice. It was trialed a few seasons back but was not officially added to the game. Another meeting will be held at central council to decide when this will come into effect.

Essentially, the mark will be applied when a player catches a ball from a kick-out beyond the 45' mark. This entitles them to a free-kick which they must complete within five seconds. Alternatively, the player in possession may proceed unopposed with the ball for four steps at which point, normal rules come back into play.

GAA players and pundits have been discussing the outcome online, and while Dublin's Jim Gavin gave it the thumbs-up, the collective reaction is not exactly one of approval.