WATCH: Two dead and over 50 injured following brawl between rival fans at soccer game in Morocco

Brawls at Moroccan football games are not uncommon

Two civilians are dead and 54 have been left injured following a brawl which broke out after a soccer game in Morocco yesterday.

Rival fans of the Raja de Casablanca football club brawled in the Mohammed V stadium after a 2-1 win over a northern Morocco club, resulting in the death of two people and flares being thrown that destroyed parts of the arena.

It is unclear what triggered the hostilities but reports say that 41 arrests were made in total for 'acts of vandalism' before and after the game.

Feuding supporter groups often clash during Moroccan football matches and this is not the first time a death has occurred. Last year, fans of the Raja de Casablanca club were also involved in brawls with fans of a club in the city of Khouribga which resulted in the death of a man.

In 2013, over 200 arrests were made as a result of feuds between fans of Raja and FAR Rabat.