Tyson Fury brands Barry McGuigan a 'traitor' in Twitter rant

The British born boxer has been criticized for making further racist and homophobic slurs

Tyson Fury brands Barry McGuigan a 'traitor' in Twitter rant

Adam Davy / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury has once again become embroiled in a public spat, this time with with retired Irish boxer Barry McGuigan following a series of racist and homophobic remarks made in a video. 

Former world champion McGuigan criticized Fury for a Youtube boadcast he posted where he made sexist and anti-Semitic comments in a 57 minute broadcast.

In a column with the Daily Mirror, MGuigan sai that Fury was "like a child (who) has no filter, no off button" and described himself as "lucky" for having tried and failed to sign the 27-year-old.

"Kids have parents bringing them into line. No one says no to Fury. This is brazen attention-seeking, self-evidently offensive, insulting, abusive and wrong. If one of my fighters behaved like Fury he would be out the door,' added McGuigan.

"I instruct my boxers to be humble, to make friends and treat people with respect. They have a responsibility to themselves, to their families, to the sport and to me. Fury just doesn’t get it. He is not only damaging his own reputation but boxing’s too."

However, Fury wasn't ready to take a verbal bashing lying down and tweeted out a response to the 'Clones Cyclone', brandishing him a traitor to Ireland. 

A number of social media users leapt to the defense of the boxer whose exploits in the 1980's is considered to have brough some form of unity to Northern Ireland during the troubles.

The video in question has drawn widepsread criticism, with many calling for him to be banned from the sport, where he took aim at multiple religions as well as his next opponent Wladimir Klitschko.

He has previously been warned about his behaviour by the British Boxing Board of Control.